[Tip] Fade or distress your drawing with a toothbrush

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[Tip] Fade or distress your drawing with a toothbrush

Messagepar sickfish » Dim Déc 05, 2010 1:32 pm

This tip was translated from the original post in the French section of the forum. The original tip was posted by blackwings (Link)

Cover your surface as normal and then take a stiff brush (a hard toothbrush is good) and rub gently on the surface. The harder you press, the greater the effect. If the effect isn't as strong as you'd like, try dabbing lightly at the surface with a damp cloth and then brush again.

It's probably a good idea to practice this technique on a test drawing first! It's also a good idea to only use this technique on heavier paper. Thin papers such as copier paper will quickly wear through.

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Re: [Tip] Fade or distress your drawing with a toothbrush

Messagepar Pastel » Lun Mars 11, 2013 6:15 am

Ooo but this technique is very interesting but as you say I will try one day on paper asser strong thank you for this info :-)
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