Bic Fashion Colours & Pocket Scents Pens

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Bic Fashion Colours & Pocket Scents Pens

Messagepar matt scarlett » Mer Fév 20, 2013 2:17 pm

OK ... this (brief) test has come from my latest project on the Hybrid Audio Technologies (HAT) midrange speaker that i'm in the process of dra\wing (pics below)

Click here for HAT L3 SE WIP - viewtopic.php?f=53&t=2153


I needed a yellow for the dust cap (that round thing i the middle of the speaker) and i wanted to keep this an all Bic project, and so i bought a pack of Bic Pocket Scents, which are mini scented ballpoint pens. As for the 'Scent' part i can't report back on how they smell. I'm currently on 14+ tablets a day for asthma and i've lost most of my scenes of smell. ;-?


I bought my Bic Pocket scents from here, ... t%20scents but there's a new deal .. a pack of 6+2 pens available from most good stores (UK - try Staples).


remember, I bought these for the yellow alone, and it didn't go quite as i hoped. The Bic yellow is somewhere between yellow, orange and diarrhea brown (for want of a better choice of words). In comparison to the Tesco yellow (right hand side) its quite a dull tone. I plan to put the yellow down first and then go over it with a Bic red pen to give it a bit of a copper/orange tone, but now i'm uncertain.


The project so far


What I do like :ecxité:

What I do like is the addition of two blue pens, which should give me a bit more scope on my surfing pictures in the future.
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