Ballpoint Pen Test

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Ballpoint Pen Test

Messagepar heavyiron » Lun Avr 11, 2011 3:45 pm

I have been doodling around with ballpoint pens for some time and for some reason just like using them. However, I have been concerned about how well they would stand up in exposure to sunlight. I have wanted to do some complete and finished drawings to hang on the wall, so I did this test to see which pens would best withstand any exposure to sunlight. I grabbed one of each pen that I had and did this test on some high quality printer paper. I taped my test strip up in my south facing window for a little over a month so it got lots of direct sunlight during the day. I found it interesting, but not surprising that the colored ballpoints suffered the worst, except random colors held up fairly well. Also, some of the colors in my cheap $1 10 color multipen help up better than the brand names! The typical office supply store pens such as Bic, Papermate, Pentel pretty much failed my test (irregardless of the model). Pilot held out pretty well I would give it 3rd place. Zebra came in at a good 2nd place right behind my Fisher Space pen which on the original paper appears to have changed the least in ballpoints. An interesting note was the Zebra Sarasa Gel in black doesn't appear to have changed at all! Another finding that surprised me was a no name brown cross refill I bought online for $10 for 10. I thought it would fade quickly, but it really held up good enough I might do a drawing or two with it...I like brown ink. The unfortunate part of this test is that I like how Bic pens feel when drawing with them. However, I would be hesitant to do a completed drawing for display with a Bic. I'm sure most if not all would be fine in sketchbooks where they get little exposure to sunlight...maybe even hanging in a room without lots of direct sunlight??? Anyway, I thought a few might find this interesting. If any of you have similar experiments or experience, I'd like to know your findings.
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