Process of a theme of the month

Monthly themes

Process of a theme of the month

Messagepar Allan » Sam Jan 09, 2010 10:57 am

Every themes ahead are presented overthere. So you can start your drawing in advance.

From the first day of each month a new theme is launch. From the first day of each month, you have 22 days to send a drawing corresponding to the theme. It must, of course, be done with a ballpoint pen and drawn for the purpose of the theme of the month (no old drawings take out from the closet). White acrylic can be used to correct mistakes.

In the morning of the 23th day of the month (French time), I'll publish every drawings on the post of the current month and the jury and myself will give a Heart favourite to 3 drawings. Those 3 ballpoint pen artistes will get a pass to participate to the Stylographiste's tournament
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